Work package 2: Characterize the agricultural sectors in major European regions for production of fruits, vegetables, and olive oil

Team leader: ENSA/INRA Montpellier (France)
Other participants : CSIC Madrid, CIHEAM-IAMM

Description of work

At the same time task 1 is in progress on Mediterranean countries, task 2 will be performing essentially the same analysis for major European regions for fruits, vegetables, and olive oil. We will draw upon resources and expertise from all the major producing regions in Europe (especially Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece).
In tasks 1 and 2, we will also use the Marketing Chain (Analyse de Filière) approach for selected chains in order to take into account not only the global aggregates, but also the role and dynamics of institutions and economic agents involved in the whole food chain (producers, manufacturers, distributors, exporters/importers, consumers). We will collect data on major food industries such as value added in the sector, number of enterprises, number of employees, profitability, foreign capital, etc., to develop a good understanding of the sub-sector. The supply chains will involve interactions on both sides of the Mediterranean.


The reports for this task will be produced by group of products plus one summary volume. There will be one report on European fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and processed food products that could compete with Mediterranean products. Thus there will be four product group reports plus a summary report covering all the products and all production regions for the EU.That information will serve as the point of departure for the analysis of impacts on the EU of trade liberalization with the Mediterranean countries.