EU-MED AGPOL Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries



Annual meeting in Istanbul - May 9-12th, 2005



WP 1
WP 2

J.L. Rastoin, J.C. Montiguaud, N. Ayadi :

D8-9 - Characterization of European Fruit and Vegetable Production and Markets

S. Mili :

D10 - Characterization of European Olive Oil Production and Markets

J.L. Rastoin, S. Tozanli, N. Ayadi :
Work in progress for :

D11 - Characterization of European
Production & Consumption of Processed Fruit and Vegetables


WP 3
E. Chevassus, J. Gallezot :
Work in progress for :

EU Protection for Fruits and Vegetables
WP 4
WP 5

F. El Hadad :

Lessons for Delphi

WP 6

W. Britz, F. Junker :


E. Cakmak :

TASM - Turkey

R. Doukkali :

CGE - Morocco

W. Britz :

Decisions concerning models' articulations

WP 8