EU-MED AGPOL Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries



Annual meeting in Montpellier - May 17-20th, 2006



WP 5

Presentation of the WP5 results. Expert surveys on export potential.

Erol Cakmak, Hassan Dudu (Middle East Technical University, Ankara):

  • Turkey

Najib Akesbi (IAV Hassan II, Rabat):

Gamal Siam (Cairo University):

Amir Heiman, Yacov Tsur (Hebrew University Jerusalem):

Boubakker Karray (IO Sfax):


WP 6

Presentation of the WP6 modelling on-going work

Lucie Weissleder, Franziska Junker, Wolfgang Britz (Institute for Agricultural Policy, Bonn):

Erol H. Çakmak, H. Ozan Eruygur (Middle East Technical University, Ankara):


WP 7

Presentations of the WP7 modelling on-going work

Charlotte Emlinger (CIHEAM-IAM Montpellier):


WP 8

WP8 objectives

Wallace Tyner (Purdue University):

J.-L. Rastoin, N. Ayadi, J.-C. Montigaud (Agro.Montpellier, Inra):