EU-MED AGPOL Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries



Work package 6

Final meeting in Paris, 15/16 March 2007

WP 6 - Modelling results

  • CAPRI - M.Adenaeuer, L. Weissleder (IAP Bonn)
  • Turkey - E. Cakmak (METU Ankara)
  • Morocco - R. Doukkali (IAV Hassan II Rabat)



Projet reports

Deliverable 24: Quantitative assessment of EU-Mediterranean trade liberalization using the CAPRI modelling system. Eu-Med AgPol, October 2006

English version

Deliverable 22: Impacts of EU integration on Turkish Agriculture. Eu-Med Agpol, October 2006

English version


Workshop on Modelisation, in Paris, October 14, 2006

Intermediate CAPRI results

-> Intermediate CAPRI results

Tables will be revised regularly. Last update: May 29, 2006


Annual meeting in Montpellier, May 17-20, 2006

Presentation of the WP6 modelling on-going work
  • Lucie Weissleder, Franziska Junker, Wolfgang Britz (Institute for Agricultural Policy, Bonn):

Contributions to EU-Med Agpol based on the CAPRI modeling system overview, progress in the first two years and outlook.

  • Erol H. Çakmak, H. Ozan Eruygur (Middle East Technical University, Ankara):

Impact of EU membership on Turkey in Agriculture: a sector model approach with maximum entropy.

Annual meeting in Istanbul, May 9-12, 2005 - Presentations :