EU-MED AGPOL Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries



Centre for Agricultural Economic Studies,
Cairo University, Egypt


Team Leader Gamal Siam

Center for Agricultural Economic Studies (CAES) was established at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cairo (UC) in July 1991 as independent research unit with financial and administrative autonomy. CAES conducts research, enhances decision-making through modeling and policy dialogues through seminars, symposia and workshops and offers training and capacity building.
The CAES activities are to target policy-makers, academics, producers, consumers, rural women, credit and marketing agencies. Activities of CAES cover areas including :
  • Policies and mechanisms of achieving sustainable agricultural and rural development, with particular emphasis on managing natural and human resources,
  • Trade and investment policies with emphasis on a agricultural sector,
  • Food production, marketing and distribution policies aiming at achieving food security,
  • Impact of regional on food and agriculture in the context of regional economic integration,
  • Labor and income-generating opportunities in rural areas, with special focus on small and medium scale rural enterprises.
The project is led by Dr.Siam, currently Director of the CAES. Dr Siam has extensive research experience and publications on the Egyptian agricultural sector and policies.