EU-MED AGPOL Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries



French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA),
Nantes, France


Team Leader Emmanuelle Chevassus

Two laboratories participate in the project, one from Nantes (Unité Mixte de Recherche EDRA /Université de Nantes, headed by Dr E. Chevassus-Lozza) and the other from Paris (UMR Economie Publique /INAPG). Those two teams have a large experience of collaborating together. They have been working extensively on agricultural policy, trade and competitiveness. The group has recently worked on the impact of the Eastern European Enlargement on trade and published extensively on CAP reform, competitiveness in trade, effective protection, and agricultural trade negotiations.

Research staff involved in the Project:

Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza is Director of research (INRA). Her research activities with Dr Jacques Gallezot, focus on agricultural sector modelling, and international economics with special reference to the Uruguay Round Agricultural Agreement and the World Trade Organisation. Dr. Sophie Drogué is an econometrician, she has worked extensively on the issue of agricultural protection and impacts of changes in agricultural policy using tools such as the GTAP analytical framework and data base. The team has worked as consultants on agricultural tariffs and protection issues for the Directorate general "Agriculture" of the European Commission. Researchers put together the tariff datasets for the European Union program of studies in order to prepare the Doha Round of negotiations on agriculture.